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May 13, 2022
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May 15, 2022
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Impact Central Collaborate with Citizen Commons to Hosts the Youth Conversation For A New Nigeria

My Nigeria. Your Nigeria? Whose Nigeria? Envisioning our New Nigeria

We had the pleasure of collaborating and hosting @CitizenCommons “Youth Conversation for a New Nigeria” in May with young Nigerians who are concerned and passionate about building a #NewNigeria, a Nigeria for the Many. The event was moderated by Olalekan Oshunkoya.

The conversation featured the Community Change Enablers, selected young Nigerians, activists, and advocates for good governance. The youth conversation aims to shift attention from “only talking about the problem in the country” and focus more on compiling “brilliant ideas that can help build this nation.” What idea do young Nigerians have that can propel the nation?

The conversation was designed to create awareness and highlight policy issues of importance to young Nigerians from communities to campuses that would advance “Our New Nigeria.”  

Questions such as: Who is a Nigerian? What makes us Nigerian? Is it our heritage? Place of birth? Or identification? was asked to get more insights from participants.

The “Youth Conversation for a New Nigeria” convened as a series of youth-led, youth-focused consultation and community town hall sessions designed to engage Nigerian youths, create awareness, and highlight policy issues of importance. The ideas will be published as part of the materials for “Nigeria for the Many Not the few: a manifesto for the Nigeria we desire.”

Our team is always excited to provide a space for social #Changemakers to network, collaborate, and share their ideas and solutions.

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